#3 sources may be out of date

v1.0 (example)

Hi Hankin

For the last year I was heavily using your app. I just can't live without it, it's perfect for me. I had some problems with invoking it today, so I struggled with compiling the source, to see what's going on. I succeeded, from command line, because I don't have suitable VS version.

The sources seem to be out of date. That's what's inside Messages.resources:

Thanks for upgrading.AChanges for v0.98...
Add "clear data" button in save dialog.WelcomeWelcome!€The usage is simple...

But when I invoke your binary, I get a different "thanks for upgrading message", with several entries instead of one. My compiled binary produces the message as in the resources file. I know it may be difficult to find the source after so many years, but I ask you: please do it. This software is too good to loose it.

With a final look at it I think it may be only the message that differs both versions. I can't find anything working differently, for example can't detect bug with opening non-existing file. So maybe all is ok, I was just alerted by this message.


  • niknah

    niknah - 2013-08-21

    Click on "code" and try to download via the svn. The last commit says I forgot to commit something.
    The folder is ProjectTimer but you may need all the folders.

    I used sharpdevelop to make it, but it's probably an older version now.

    • Jarek Czekalski

      Jarek Czekalski - 2013-08-22

      Click on "code" and try to download via the svn

      That's the way I dit it.

  • niknah

    niknah - 2013-08-22

    Thanks for telling me about it, I've updated the svn version to work with the latest SharpDevelop 4.3.
    You need to supply your own .snk file and call it ProjectTimer.snk


    Also the .xml data files are in %APPDATA%\PC Fare Meter
    Back those up to keep your old data.

    You may want to download v0.98b and see if you get a different 'thanks for upgrading' message...

    Thanks, I'm very happy that the software has been useful for you.

  • Jarek Czekalski

    Jarek Czekalski - 2013-08-24

    I managed to build the exe with SharpDevelop. Still the same: the upgrade message is different than the one from downloaded binary.

  • niknah

    niknah - 2013-08-24

    Sorry, it was the Messages.resource file. Have updated it, was the only file that wasn't updated.
    The change mentioned there is about the last change in the ActiveWindow/Logger.cs file.

  • niknah

    niknah - 2013-08-25
    • status: open --> closed
  • Jarek Czekalski

    Jarek Czekalski - 2013-08-26

    I confirm. Now all seems to be in tune. Thanks. I guess the project will become silent again, as I see no more problems with it :)

  • niknah

    niknah - 2013-08-27

    Thanks very much for your help and advice Jarek!

    Glad to see people are still using it!


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