9.0.0 (beta) Released

This release is a major inflection point for, and we think for project management applications in general.

We have worked with many customers over time, and we think we have found a common problem for our customers and our competitor's customers.... sustained adoption of these solutions. It can be very difficult to convince individual contributors to commit information to these systems in a sustained fashion.

The approach for this open source project going forward is to combine the best of traditional project management, with the best of Web 2.0... schedules, activity reporting, document management, tracking databases with blogs, wikis, Ajax, social networking and more. We strongly believe this is the golden ticket for making your implementations succeed, and improving the performance of your projects.

New Features

For those of you following our development roadmap, there are few surprises here, as we have been talking about these new features to the world for months. The primary emphasis for this version of is to improve the experience of the individual contributor, as the value of the system is dependent upon their participation. We also provided more support for the Project Manager, so that they have a better picture of the progress of their projects. In this beta release you will see:

* A blogging/assignment mechanism for activity and time reporting... This is the primary innovation for v9.0... Individual contributors will now be able to record their work as they always have, but now they will expect and demand feedback on this work. The communication cycle will get more information in the system, but also accelerate work and reduce assignment delays.
* An integrated project wiki... Some companies have thrown up their hands with traditional project management, and simply started using wikis to manage their projects. Now they no longer have to choose. v9.0 of has included a Wiki integrated with assignments and projects to track the current state of projects, and provide an incubator for ideas and solutions for project success.
* New dashboards... Project managers will have the information they need at their fingertips. Schedule, team member status, recent changes... The new individual contributor dashboard will be available for the production release of v9.0
* New User Interface... Lots more Ajax, fewer clicks, and a UI that pulls people into the application.
* Externally Accessible Forms... Users will no longer need to login to the system to create a tracking database item, be it a change request, a bug, or any other item.
* Much more... please visit our roadmap at: for more details.

Operational Changes

With this release there will also see a few changes.

* We are moving to the GPL v3 for this release. We feel this license best suits the construction of the world's best project and portfolio management application. Customers that require a different license can obtain a commercial license from Inc.
* Ending support for Weblogic... For customers on v8.*, we will continue to support their Weblogic implementation through 2009 or until they move to 9.* . There will be no new supported implementations on Weblogic.
* Direct entry of issues and feature requests... Within the next week, we will be providing links to tracking database entry using one of the new features in v9.0.

We welcome your feedback during the BETA process... You can download this version from Sourceforge right now. The feedback from the Beta release will determine the release date for v9.0 production, but at this point we would expect that release to occur the 4th week of January.

Very Best Regards,
Ed Lee
VP Marketing Inc.

Posted by Ritesh S 2008-12-22

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