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Close 8.4.0 Released

The newest production release of is now available for download from Sourceforge for both Apache Tomcat and BEA WebLogic application servers. This release contains a substantial combination of new features and bug fixes.

Features ¶
* Resource Management
* Assignable Forms, Iteration-1
* Install as non-root (default) application on Tomcat
* Introducing Tapestry 5.0 presentation Layer
* Introducing Ext2.0 AJAX widgets
* Improved Database Creation Scripts
* Remove Object-level Access Checks
* DB query performance improvements

Beta Features ¶
* Project Dashboard redesign
* Improve project schedule flat view

Areas of Focused Stabilization ¶
* MS Project import/export
* Notification engine

Best Regards,

The Development Team

Posted by dkassman 2008-08-20

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