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projectM iTunes Plugin for OS X

There is now a beta release of a plugin installer of projectM for iTunes on Mac OS X. You can grab it out from

Why is it not on the Mac App Store? Read more here.

Posted by mischa 2015-11-01

projectM 1.1 released

projectM 1.1 includes PulseAudio and a new Qt GUI for preset selection, play list management, ratings, and more. The Qt GUI is supported by the JACK and PulseAudio clients.

projectM 1.1 also includes many performance improvements, such as multi-threading to accelerate smooth preset switching.

Posted by Peter Sperl 2008-03-31

projectM 1.0 released

New features such as smooth preset transitions, image textures, JACK support, sharper rendering with Framebuffer Objects, and countless bugfixes breathes new life to projectM. These new features were brought to you by other six months of refactoring and code improvements. The new codebase sets the stage for great strides in the future.

Posted by Peter Sperl 2007-10-10

projectM 0.99 released

The config file is now stored in ~/.projectM, the xmms plugins close via the window decorations, the mouse is hidden in xmms fullscreen mode and many under the hood changes. Check out the full changelog.

Posted by Peter Sperl 2006-06-29

projectM 0.98 released

This is the best release yet. Too much stuff has changed to list here. You need libprojectM and at least one implementation (libvisual or xmms).

Posted by Peter Sperl 2006-04-19

Road Map

Hello. I decided to stop wasting my time trying to make money and instead give a little to the free world.

Short Term Goals:
1) Entirely finished preset editor (by Sunday hopefully)
2) Rehauled equation parsing with mmx/3dnow/SSE
3) Unified code base (Thank Alistair for this one)

Long Term Goals:
1) Smooth preset switching (before december?)
2) new powerful / cleaner preset language via serpent
3) "mood" detection
4) Particle system
5) ... lets stop here.... read more

Posted by Carmelo Piccione 2004-10-08

projectM 0.92 released

Some bugfixes to the editor, as well as the following new features:

* ability to redirect the X output to another X server (default ":0.0") via the config file
* a "fullscreen on startup" option in the config file
* an (Inverse)Per-Pixel/Beat Detection Monitor (press F9 in projectM)

Posted by Peter Sperl 2004-04-08

projectM 0.90 - initial public release

This is the first public release of projectM. This version is compatible with Milkdrop 1.04b. There are obviously some known bugs, but its definitely ready for user testing. Put on some good music and enjoy the visuals...

Posted by Peter Sperl 2004-04-04

Status & initial Release info

We've now got virtually all the 1.03 features working very well. You can load up a 1.03 preset and most of the time it will look as the author intended it to. The 1.04 features have been implemented and many 1.04 presets work fine, but others have some problems. There are many 1.04 bugs but we're quickly squashing them.

Look for a release soon. We've got to tighten up a few things, but we're almost there.... read more

Posted by Peter Sperl 2004-03-16