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Win32 Source

  • Everett Stiles

    Everett Stiles - 2008-08-09

    In 2004, when the example win32 binary was released, it said the source was soon to follow.

    • Carmelo Piccione

      The source has been in subversion since the dawn of the win32 binary. See the follow folders in trunk/src:


      and maybe...


    • Marc Sola

      Marc Sola - 2008-08-31

      So in other words, the Win32 version has a lot of bugs that haven't been squashed out and keeps crashing?

      I wonder what kind of tools you guys are using....

    • Peter Sperl

      Peter Sperl - 2008-09-01

      Yeah, I worked on the win32 port a little while back.  It was mostly out of curiosity.  projectM build fine on win32, and XBMC uses it without any issues on windows.  The problem is that WMP and iTunes were not easy APIs to figure out and I never really got everything 100% smooth on Vista and XP, so I gave up since I use linux anyway.

      A knowledgeable windows dev, especially if they've written openGL visualizers for iTunes. WMP should be able to make a port of projectM to either player in an evening. I am just no that guy.

      Btw, I used Visual Studio 2005 on XP and Vista.

  • Marc Sola

    Marc Sola - 2011-02-02

    It seems that the guys at has finally implemented libProjectM into their windows version of VLC.
    At least they did the hard work for you.


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