Request: milkdrop compatibility docs

  • amoe

    amoe - 2008-01-29

    Hi.  I think it would be useful for preset authors to have an idea of the major incompatibilities between Milkdrop and ProjectM.  Is the goal of ProjectM to have complete Milkdrop compatibility, or is it going to develop in its own direction?  The list doesn't have to be exhaustive, I'm sure the project developers know what the major differences are anyway.  The list could be put on the wiki or included in the source distribution.

    I ask personally because I am currently stuck on Windows and am using real Milkdrop, and am wondering if presets I make will break when I transfer them to ProjectM.  The easy way to do this would be to test, but it would be nice to have documented as well.


    • amoe

      amoe - 2008-01-31

      I'd like to add that I'm very grateful for all work done on ProjectM, it makes my life a lot nicer.  If there's anything I can do to help (without knowing C++) let me know.

    • Carmelo Piccione

      Hey David,

      Honestly I am not sure what presets work and don't work. Peter (the other main dev) has a better idea of this, but even he isn't certain. I would wager that we have a very high success rate (> 90%), but that's about all I can say. I do know that milkdrop 2 features are NOT supported, but we are *considering* implementing them in the future.

      As for help, you are already helping us by writing more presets and then testing them in projectM. Hopefully someday we will have a fancy preset authoring IDE so you can also design the presets in Linux!


    • Peter Sperl

      Peter Sperl - 2008-02-29


          Every feature from Milkdrop 1.04b is implemented in projectM, except for sprites.  We have our own image texturing solution for shapes that is superior to sprites, and is the major difference between projectM and Milkdrop.  Also projectM has no limit on the number of shapes and custom waves you can use. 

      HOWEVER,  Milkdrop and projectM are iterative image-based renderers.  This means that every frame is generated using the results of the frame before it.  This means that even though we implement all of Milkdrop's features, if we are off by even a fraction of a percent, the error is aggregated over time.  We use OpenGL, and not DirectX, so we are certainly off by a little bit.  On 95% of presets, its unnoticeable, but on certain presets that rely on some specific behavior, we can be pretty far off.

      Also, the equations are a complicated beast.  We did our best to match their behavior, but we may have made some mistakes.

      projectM looks pretty awesome, so we're pretty sure we did a decent job. 

      In the future, we will not be striving for milkdrop compatibility.  We will never break 1.04b compatability, but Milkdrop 2.0 uses DirectX only shaders so we will never be able to emulate that.  We will likely make a new preset format that is not such a pain in the ass to complement the old-style presets, and will add new graphical and music-detecting features as we go forward.


  • ok wait

    ok wait - 2010-06-18

    Hello. I'm not sure if this pertains to this subject or not but I was wondering if there was a way you can make preset-rating hotkeys as they are in milkdrop + and - for the rating level.  Or if there is a file I'm not aware of I can edit or add to to make this happen please do tell.  By the way, great job guys. Excellent work. Looks beautiful. Right next to flawless. Thank you a bunch!


  • Carmelo Piccione


    You know you can change the preset ratings in projectM-qt only, right? Thus, if you use projectM-pulseaudio or projectM-jack, I can probably add the hotkeys for you, otherwise (projectm-libvisual, projectm-test, projectm-xmms) it could be a bit harder.

    I'll let you know when I get around to it.


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