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Feature request: AVS preset support

  • F-3582

    F-3582 - 2007-01-13


    during my Windows times I sort of got to like the visualization effects that AVS (Advanced Visualization Studio) included in Winamp offered.

    Are there any plans to implement them?


    • Alligator Descartes

      It's pretty unlikely. From a cursory glance a while back, AVS uses a totally different internal generation and rendering system making any chances of support pretty minimal.


    • F-3582

      F-3582 - 2007-10-29

      Sorry for bringing this up again. And falling on your nerves. I don't know how you made Milkdrop plugins work with ProjectM, but I don't think that you had to do much reverse-engineering (except for the Winamp SDK, probably), since the Milkdrop source code is freely available on the internet.

      If I'm not too wrong, I suppose that AVS should be equally difficult to implement, because its source is available, too.

      Correct me if I'm completely wrong here.

      • Frank Roscher

        Frank Roscher - 2007-10-29

        Sorry, but this doesn't work how you imagine it. In fact, Milkdrop is the "plugin" and projectM is more or less a reimplementation of it. (BTW, it was started long before Milkdrop's code got released)

        What they both work on, the presets, are text files that describe how the imagery should be created using Milkdrop's/projectM's predefined functionality.

        AVS is a completely different beast with different functionality. I don't know in what form its presets are defined, but in any case it needs a different infrastructure. Basically, you'd have to start a new "project_A_".

        • F-3582

          F-3582 - 2007-10-29

          Okay, thanks for the clarification.

          • Peter Sperl

            Peter Sperl - 2007-10-29

            Frank pretty much nailed it.

            One of the things worth mentioning is that what makes Milkdrop/projectM special is that it is hardware-accelerated via the graphics card.  AVS is totally CPU dependent from what I remember, which is why AVS is usually rendered at a much lower resolution and framerate when compared to Milkdrop/projectM.  It also allows a wider range of effects since now we can do anything, where as before we are limited to the video card's capabilities.

            • Aidin Abedi

              Aidin Abedi - 2009-08-16


              I plan to port AVS to OpenGL for in-game visualizations in an up coming music game. I also plan to release the port so anyone interested can make run in OS X (iTunes) or Linux. But I can't get the regular build to work in winamp... anyone experienced building AVS?

              Thank you in advance


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