#46 New calendars cannot be assigned as -Base Calendar

Geert dk

After creating a new calendar I cannot assign it as a base calendar in the File/ Project/ Information-dialog, the new calendar does not appear in the list.
In the File/ Project/ Projects-table I have added the column "Base Calendar" which did allow me to choose the new Calendar.
Of course the moment I opened File/ Project/ Information-dialog my base Calendar changed again to standard since my custom calendar was not available there.

I've written the following procedure for someone in the forum, I hope it helps.

1 Go to File/ Project/ Calendar
2 Click on "New..." and enter a new for your calendar (ex: "8x7 schedule"
3 Select the "S" for Sunday and click on "Non-default working time"
4 repeat this for the Saturday "S"
5 Click on "OK"
Unfortunately you cannot change your base calendar in File/ Project/ Information-dialog, therefore we are going to apply a little trick...
6 Go to File/ Project/ Projects
7 In this table with all you open project you have to add the column "Base Calendar"
8 select the newly created calendar (ex. "8x7 schedule")

9) go to the the Gantt Chart and try to add a task with a duration of 6 days...

and oops, whenever you go to the File/ Project/ Information-dialog the calendar setting resets to "standard" calendar again. So be careful.


  • Geert dk

    Geert dk - 2012-11-27
    • milestone: 1.5_beta3 --> 1.5.2
  • pat_downs

    pat_downs - 2014-10-05

    Genius! This worked for me. I would never have figured this out by myself. Thank you very much.


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