Anonymous - 2013-01-22

It looks like the earned value analysis feature doesn't really work
1. It doesn't calculate the earned value for the tasks that was completed ahead of time
e.g, a task is supposed to be finished at Feb 1, and today is Jan 10, the earned value for the task will always be 0 even it has been marked as “100%” completion. It means you will always get SPI<= 1 !!
2. The actual work can't be input without impacting the other parameters
For calculating CPI, you have to input the "actual work" manually, and it shall not impact any other parameters like the duration or start/end date. E.g., a task is planned to be finished with 8 man hours, but it actually only took 4, the SPI then should be 8/4=2.0. But you will never get that result because when you input "4" to the actual work, the planned effort will be changed accordingly!!