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Improved user authentication - care to test?

I have checked in CVS a couple of changes to the user authentication. These changes allow for external authentication mechanisms (for the time being HTTP and Active Directory) to be easily added to PB.

The changes were based on code submitted by Brian Villanueva (thanks Brian!). To deploy these new authentication schemes, one would only have to change a few parameters in the config file. The creation of user accounts before hand is not required, as ProjectBench will attempt to create those accounts if they're not found in the local db.... read more

Posted by Philip X 2005-06-26

Version 0.4 is out!

PB 0.4 is most likely the last release for this year. It has a couple of really interesting features.

I also have a couple of feature planned for the next few releases.
Major features include:
- external interface to PB (XML-RPC) to allow you to access PB and integrate PB with any application
- improved user authentication (http,ldap) and better handling of guest submitted issues
- option to monitor an email account and automatically add mails received as issues
- rich format for issue description and updates (bbcode or wiki)
- custom reporting engine
- import of issues from various sources
- multiple database support... read more

Posted by Philip X 2004-11-18

Download me - zero dot three

I have managed to finish a major overhaul: updating the rendering so the HTML is exclusively in templates. The security system has also been update and now it's possible to have persistent logins and to disable the guest account.
ProjectBench v0.3 has better support for client-side validation of non-US dates.

If you're one of the few using projectbench :), I recommend you download this version and run the install.php to upgrade your PB. As always, make a backup just in case :))... read more

Posted by Philip X 2004-11-12

Spankin' new - PB zero two!

projectbench v0.2 is out and it spots a couple of exciting new features, such as:
projectbench contains fixes and new exciting features, such as:

* Multiple custom defined filters for View Issues (save your filters and apply them with ease)
* Confirmation of issue creation/update (with ID and link back)
* Multiple options for what to do after saving an issue (three options: Go to View Issues, Add New, Stay in Edit Mode)
* Issue navigation on all single issue screens (Previous and Next options)
* Shortcut keys for common options (Alt+N - New Issue, Alt+V - View Issues, Alt+F - Search issues, Alt+# - issue #, Alt+[ - Previous issue, Alt+] - Next Issue)
* Dynamic setting of some issue fields (e.g. prompting to set the Fixed on date when the issue's Status is set to Closed, etc)
* Tracks current row in View Issues (easier to follow some of the right columns)
* More of a bug fix, but setting a project manager for in the Project Administration section automatically adds that person to the list of users with access to the project.
* Not as visible but equally important, projectbench is switching little by little to using templates. This will make future changes easier to implement because of code/presentation separation.... read more

Posted by Philip X 2004-10-13

First version is out!

Get it while it's hot.
ProjectBench, the friendly project manager, has been released.
While based on workbench 0.11, is sports a plethora of improvements which I promise it is well worth your time.

Get it, install it and let me know how can I improve it even more.
Thanks for using it!

PS. Thanks to Stuart Wigley for workbench!

Posted by Philip X 2004-07-26

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