Audio track selection problem

  • Tim Williams

    Tim Williams - 2007-10-22

    Most UK DVB-T streams seem to broadcast with two audio tracks, a normal audio track of 192-256kbps and a 64kbps audio descriptor track intended for blind listeners which describes the action on the screen. 75% of the time ProjectX seems to get it right and will produce a final MPEG with the correct audio, however, the other 25% of the time ProjectX will pick up the audio descriptor track and use this as the main audio track for the final file, which results in a mostly silent sound track on the final DVD.

    I can work around this by using AVIdemux to strip out the 64kbps audio descriptor track, but this involves a lot of extra effort and sometimes upsets the audio sync. Is there any way to select which audio track ProjectX will use when processing a file ? I've looked everywhere for an option, but can't find it.

    • In Aws

      In Aws - 2007-11-24

      You can use ProjectX to remove the narrative track when you output your video file. In the box to the right of the video display there is a list called PES/PID list which is usually empty. You need to add the video id and the normal audio id to this list. You can see the ids to add by selecting the file and a list of ids should be overlayed on the video display. The only way to get the IDs into the list box automatically seems to be to use the 'Prepare' screen with the 'i' button. You can then remove the ids you don't need (you'll need to look through the output to find which is the 'NAR' track and which the 'eng').

      As it happens I've just added a shortcut to my copy of ProjectX to quickly fill the list. I was going to add it to the latest ProjectX code - but the changes to the user interface, while looking really pretty, make using ProjectX for trimming a recording and removing the NAR track much more complex than the old version, so I'll stick to my old version (dated March 30, 2006)!


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