How to save Presettings?

  • akhalin

    akhalin - 2009-06-07


    I have been using ProjectX with Windows Vista OS for more than one year. Earlier there has been no problems with the PreSettings, but now I have noticed that I am not able to save them anymore. This means I have to do all the same things again and again while preparing the files to be processed. Something has happened with the operating system - I had a recent problem with the Vista, and some files were deleted from my computer. However, I would like to hear how to restore the earlier situation. I seems that the X.ini file is not available (in the ProjectX file folder), although I have saved the PreSettings I have done, and the program says they will be saved as X.ini file.

    Who can help me in this issue?

    Regards akhalin

    • akhalin

      akhalin - 2009-06-09

      Just as a corrective to the above mentioned problem: this seems to be an User Account Control (UAC) problem. Because the Vista OS is hindering the access to the folder where ProjectX is located - although I am the administrator for the PC -, I decided to turn the UAC off. After I had done this and restarted the PC, there was no problems to save the presettings.

      Another, and probably better solution is to locate the ProjectX programme, not to the C:\Program files, but to some other place or folder that you have created yourself.



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