Tim Williams - 2007-10-22

Most UK DVB-T streams seem to broadcast with two audio tracks, a normal audio track of 192-256kbps and a 64kbps audio descriptor track intended for blind listeners which describes the action on the screen. 75% of the time ProjectX seems to get it right and will produce a final MPEG with the correct audio, however, the other 25% of the time ProjectX will pick up the audio descriptor track and use this as the main audio track for the final file, which results in a mostly silent sound track on the final DVD.

I can work around this by using AVIdemux to strip out the 64kbps audio descriptor track, but this involves a lot of extra effort and sometimes upsets the audio sync. Is there any way to select which audio track ProjectX will use when processing a file ? I've looked everywhere for an option, but can't find it.