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Queue Administration

  • David Gomez Romano

    Does anyone know how to configure the queues for the tickets?  Do i have to create a widget?
    How do i create a queue for a profile?
    How can i assign an incident ticket to queue?


    ANTONIO TORRES - 2011-04-09

    I have exactly the same question…
    anyone please?


  • Frank Bergmann

    Frank Bergmann - 2011-04-28


    We initially included Queues in the Ticket System, but stopped using them in the V4.0.
    Instead, we can now use acs-workflow groups to define different queues per workflow stage.

    Which version are you using currently?

    I really recommend you to upgrade to V4.0 (explained in some forum thread here), because
    we have added a lot of changes to the ticket system.


  • Paco

    Paco - 2012-03-22

    We found very interesting info about "Assigning a ticket to a Queue", using profiles and/or conf_items in
    but I haven't found details.

    Question 1. How can we use profiles or conf_items to assign tickets to a queue?

    Question 2. Is there any user interface for creating/managing queues?
    I mean other than PL/API , since it is not very user-friendly…

  • Paco

    Paco - 2012-03-27

    Question 2 (edit). I haven't found in wiki documentation any references about how to use queues management, it looks a bit messy, could you please throw some light here?

  • Frank Bergmann

    Frank Bergmann - 2012-04-03

    Hi Paco,

    1. The im_tickets table includes a field ticket_queue_id. The field is used in several screens in order to calculate permissions etc. In order to "activate" the field please define a DynField for the field with a value range of objects of type "group" or "im_profile". You can define the DynField widget yourself, so you can choose between group or profile.

    2. Queues ("im_ticket_queue") are a sub-type of "group" defined in /admin/ -> "Group Types". This interface is part of the OpenACS GUI and has not yet been ]po[ themed. However, it allows you to create new group types and new queues.



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