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  • Ryan Spinuzzi

    Ryan Spinuzzi - 2012-07-30

    There is a piece of software I am working on that I am just about to start the official planning / development stages on.

    My issue is that I can not figure out how to set this up in Project Open.  I do not know which option to choose.  See my issue comes in because of that exactly.  I need to set up a piece of software that I am developing but the only way to get the software development option to recognize my program is I have to go to Projects and set up a program first.  Only then can I define that program for use under software development or any other project.

    I am confused,  What I am looking for is to set up that program so that it is allays available for continuous development.  I need to keep track of the various versions, bug tracking, tasks, etc…  For some reason there does not seem to be a easy way to get this to work.  I do not see any documentation to help me on this (it is possible I missed something).  Everything I have read has not helped..

    I can not figure this out and have spent two days on this trying to get this to work properly.  I am ready to give up and scrap this project for something commercial because everything I have done has been confusing, lacking in documentation, and very aggravating.  I have spent more time trying to get this to work then what I want to.  I have even gotten over the fact it has taken me an other additional three days just to figure out how to set up Project-Open after removing the demo data.

    So is there anyway to salvage the amount of time I have already put into this?  Can you set up a project with a bug tracker, life cycle, help desk, project management, accounting, etc… All the modules readily available to Project-Open?

    Thank You for your help in advance.


  • Frank Bergmann

    Frank Bergmann - 2012-08-30

    Hi Ryan,

    A "program" is just a dynamic field of one project that points to another project.
    Maybe you wanted to say "super-project"?

    > documentation

    You are right, some of the more advanced features of ]po[ have not yet been properly documented.

    Please send ma a mail to frank.bergmann@project-open, I'd be interested to listen what
    exactly you want to achieve using ]po[. Maybe you have some functional specs or similar
    that you could include?



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