#872 return url problem assigning resource to ticket

GUI (194)

Return url is not correctly formed when doing ticket > reassign task > add person (or group) > select / done > done again
As a result, the user is driven back to the ticket in edit mode, which can be confusing.
The sequence call is as follows:
(1) intranet-helpdesk/new?form_mode=display&ticket_id=32598
(2) acs-workflow/task-assignees?return_url=%2fintranet-helpdesk%2fnew%3fform%255fmode%3ddisplay%26ticket%255fid%3d32598&task_id=99
(3) acs-workflow/assignee-add?select_type=person&return_url=%2facs-workflow%2ftask-assignees%3freturn%255furl%3d%252fintranet%252dhelpdesk%252fnew%253fform%25255fmode%253ddisplay%2526ticket%25255fid%253d32598%26task%255fid%3d99&task_id=99
(4) acs-workflow/assignee-add-2 (process previous request)
(5) acs-workflow/task-assignees?return_url=/intranet-helpdesk/new?ticket_id=32598&form_mode=display&task_id=99
(6) intranet-helpdesk/new >> ticket in edit mode (!?)

And now how the sequence should be, with the right parameters for return url:
(5) acs-workflow/task-assignees?return_url=%2fintranet-helpdesk%2fnew%3fticket%255fid%3d32598%26form%255fmode%3ddisplay&task_id=99
(6) intranet-helpdesk/new >> ticket in display mode

So the problem is a nested return_url within a return_url in the exported vars.
I have used ns_log to trace the parameters passed to acs-workflow/assignee-add-2 and they are not correct anymore, so I guess that the problem should be corrected in acs-workflow/assignee-add
Said that, I tried to build a proper return_url there, using export_vars and other functions, but it is trickier than expected.


  • Frank Bergmann

    Frank Bergmann - 2016-06-29
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Configuration_DB
  • Frank Bergmann

    Frank Bergmann - 2016-06-29

    It's working in V5.0



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