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ANP for Irssi 0.1.0 Released

Following the ANP for XChat model, the first version of ANP for Irssi was released today. It currently provides only the basic announce 'Artist - Title'.

Posted by Craciun Dan 2008-05-06

ANP 0.2.4 Released

Amarok Now Playing Plugin for XChat 2.2.4 released today. This new version includes several code fixes along with a new command /ANPMENU, to toggle showing ANP menu. /ANPMSG with no message now returns the currently set message. I also included a short How-To and FAQ.

Posted by Craciun Dan 2008-01-29

ANP 0.2.2 Released

ANP 0.2.2 released today. New in this version is a command to customise the message to be sent, so instead of the default 'Rocks:' one, you can set any message you like by typing /ANPMSG <NEWMSG>. There have also been added menus and three commands to control Amarok from within XChat (/PLAY, /PAUSE, /STOP).

Posted by Craciun Dan 2008-01-19

XNP 0.8.3 Released

This is probably the last version of XNP, except for maybe fixing bugs (if there are). This release includes a redesigned menu and several commands to control Amarok from within XChat (like /XNPPLAY, /XNPSTOP, /XNPNEXT etc). Get it at the Downloads page.

Posted by Craciun Dan 2008-01-09

ANP 0.2 Released

ANP 0.2 is a very small XChat plugin which shows the currently playing track in Amarok in the format: /ME Playing: Track. The plugin is made in C.

Posted by Craciun Dan 2008-01-07

XNP 0.8.1 Released

This version fixes some minor bugs at the /XNPVOL commands and allows now to change Amarok's volume even if it's stopped or paused. Also, the XNP menu will be deleted and created again when loading the script.

Posted by Craciun Dan 2007-01-26

XNP 0.8.0 Released!

The major addition for this release is a complete help system using /XNPHELP [COMMAND], the improved How-To in HTML format, a FAQ and the possibility to open them from XChat using Firefox, Epiphany, Konqueror or Opera.

I also added commands to control Amarok's volume through commands such as /XNPMUTE, XNPVOL <VALUE>, or /XNPVOL1-9.

You can install it manually following the README or the How-To, or you can just run a Bash script which will install all the files for you.... read more

Posted by Craciun Dan 2007-01-19

XNP 0.6.0 Released

XNP 0.6.0 has been released today. This version adds a HOW-TO file included in the package about how to use XNP.

Posted by Craciun Dan 2007-01-18

Homepage for Project LSP

The new homepage of this project is now hosted by

Posted by Craciun Dan 2007-01-18

XNP 0.4.4 Uploaded

XNP (XChat Now Playing) 0.4.4 uploaded. You can download it from:

Posted by Craciun Dan 2007-01-18

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