Proguard 4.5 and 4.6 for maven?

  • Jerome Verstrynge

    I would like to use Proguard 4.5 and 4.6 in my maven project.

    I know it is possible to configure the proguard-maven-plugin to use a specific version of proguard via the artifact delivered by net.sf.proguard, but the last version available is 4.4 which is outdated for more than a year.

    Is it possible to release net.sf.proguard's artifact for 4.5 and 4.6? Thanks !!!

    P.S.: The issue I am facing is that 4.6 keeps the classes I want in a processed .jar, while it does not in 4.4. The configuration file exactly the same. Thanks.

  • Jerome Verstrynge

    Just to explain the issue a little more:

                            <option>-target 1.6</option>
                            <option>-keep public class net.project.API.**</option>
                            <version>4.4</version>   <-- This is the limit

    We don't need to release a new version of com.pyx4me proguard-maven-plugin, we just need the new versions of net.sf.proguard proguard artifact(s). I think it is just a matter of releasing the jars on the central repository.

  • Jerome Verstrynge

    I am considering releasing those jars myself if no one can help. I have opened a thread on StackOverflow.

  • Eric Lafortune

    Eric Lafortune - 2011-06-03

    I've never worked on ProGuard for Maven, but if you can track down the people who did, they may be able to help.


  • Jerome Verstrynge

    OK. I have implemented a small maven project to install the proguard jar in my local repository (as a workaround):

    <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
        <name>Maven Missing Jars</name>

    On just needs to put the proguard jar in the toinstall/4.6/ repository relative to the location of the pom.xml.


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