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flv streaming plugin for tcpmp / News: Recent posts beta

There is a new beta in

Posted by fmarozz 2007-08-26 new release

The problem is solved and the new release is online.This play file with mms association and make playlist (m3u).

Posted by fmarozz 2007-08-04

problem with

For problem with provider of the site the site is now at

Posted by fmarozz 2007-08-03

There is a new version of For more information go to wiki.

Posted by fmarozz 2007-07-30

new release 0.4.2

This release add content-type video/x-flv.

Posted by fmarozz 2007-07-30

compatibility with original project

For compatibility with original project I add the prefix 0 to the release.

Posted by fmarozz 2007-07-28

new release 4.1

This release solve problem with to play with mms. This modification is to solve the problem to accumulate file m3u in the pocketpc.
In the future mms:// will be used with too, so please upgrade your plugin.
Remember to soft reset the pocketpc before installing the plugin.

Posted by fmarozz 2007-07-26

new release

With this new realease the old m3u files failed (from youtube). But it solve the previous problems.

Posted by fmarozz 2007-07-23


I submit the source.

Posted by fmarozz 2007-07-21


The plugin upgrade a beta from pre-alpha.

Posted by fmarozz 2007-07-12


The progressive download and play for tcpmp now is: flv streaming for tcpmp; because initially is a progressive download with a pgm in visual with an interface in c++ in tcpmp; now is an upgrade of the tcpmp flv plugin that do streaming in http.

Posted by fmarozz 2007-07-12