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ProgramE on IRC (Using Eggdrop)

  • RobotRobbie

    RobotRobbie - 2006-08-16

    Is it possible to Use ProgramE on IRC using Eggdrop? Is there anyone who has done that?

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2006-08-17

      If EggDrop allows the parsing of an HTML file then it should be possible. I myself haven't tried or had a reason to try this. Maybe someone else has?



      • RobotRobbie

        RobotRobbie - 2006-08-18

        Thanks for your reply Anne :)

        I believe I could make it work if I knew how to set a "Input focus" in Talk.php

        Does anyone know how to do that?


        • Anne Kootstra

          Anne Kootstra - 2006-08-21

          Adding onLoad=document.form1.input.focus() to the existing <body> tag, should do the trick.

          It really is a path like so:
          [Current Document].[form name].[input field name].method(). In this case the method is always focus() and the current document is always referred to as document.

          Kind regards,


    • RobotRobbie

      RobotRobbie - 2006-08-23

      Thanks for your reply Anne,

      That did do the trick and my (IRC)bot can reed from that page now.. However it doesn't reed any reply and I don't understand why

      My (IRC)bot accessed the reply page. But he did not enterred anything in the input field. how is that possible?

      (I'm sorry to bother here with my questions but i don't know where else I could get help about this)
      I don't have any knowledge on PHP language.

      See my (IRC)bot reply:
      [13:25:47] <@Foxman> Robbie
      [13:25:51] <@Robbie> foxman: Welcome to my bot!!

      Between the !! there should be the actual output.

      see the code in my respond page;
          // Print the results.
          print "Welcome to my bot<BR><font color='green'>!" . $botresponse->response . "!</font><BR>";

      So he gets on the refreshed page where the respond should be, without entering any input. How does he do that?

      If I can understand that, maybe I could make it work.

      Thanks again ;)
      In my IRC bot I only enterred the url to the respond page. like

      unfortunately I can't see what my bot does with that url.

      • Anne Kootstra

        Anne Kootstra - 2006-08-23

        The way I see it there are two points of failure:
        1. EggDrop IRC script,
        2. Talk.php.

        Testing if nr. 2 works is rather easy; just access it through internet explorer. If this gives the right response then Talk.php works as expected.

        As for the EggDrop script, this is harder to test. Perhaps if you created a static HTML page (can be called talk.php) and point the script to that. If it does pick up the text as planned then this should work as desgined as well.

        Try these two things and see what the results are.

        Kind regards,



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