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  • RobotRobbie

    RobotRobbie - 2006-08-16

    When I get on the talk.php (afther I visited botloader.php where all went great)

    There is nothing to select on the "Talk to:" selection form.

    Does someone know what i've done wrong?


    • Stephen

      Stephen - 2006-08-16

      Did you check the database and see if there is a bot in the bots table/??

      - STephen

    • RobotRobbie

      RobotRobbie - 2006-08-16

      Thanks for you reply,

      I'm new to MySql databases, so I guess there is the problem :P

      Any idea where i can see the tables in my database?

      • Stephen

        Stephen - 2006-08-16

        Well are you using phpmyadmin? or just the command line interface?

        if you are using phpmyadmin or another GUI type interface then just find the database you created the tables under.  The table is called 'bots'


        you can type
        use <database>;
        and then
        SELECT * FROM bots;

    • RobotRobbie

      RobotRobbie - 2006-08-16

      Thanks, I use phpmyadmin and i've no idea what i just did.
      I did a SQL query on db.sql and now i got tables, so i guess that is good.

      Well, I should find some manual about that MySql database thing.

      Is there something else i need to do?

      Thanks for your help!

      • Stephen

        Stephen - 2006-08-16

        So is your database populated with the required info? or ??



    • RobotRobbie

      RobotRobbie - 2006-08-16

      I don't know what the required info is :P And i can't test it yet. My domeinname isn't active yet ;)

      But I'm sure it works! Cause the instructions are not that hard. :P And else I will be back here ;) I will bring cookies!

    • tim

      tim - 2006-09-15

      I have the same problem getting a bot name to show up in the field. I've created an entry in the table "bots" but it isn't showing up. Any suggestions?


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