Bot Wont Reply

  • deadlydemon

    deadlydemon - 2005-02-17

    Just installed programE
    but when i say something 2 the bot, nothing happens,

    I have the following installed:
    # rpm -q httpd

    # rpm -q php

    # rpm -q mysql

    I think this could be because of php5 compatablity.

    The bot is hosted at

    any one know why it is not working?

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-02-19

      Currenly I'm running Windows, IIS and PHP 5.02 and MySQL 4.x. To me this means that there's no reason to think that PHP 5.x is the culprit here. Most likely it's due to the communication between PHP and MySQL. Does the MySQL useraccount have the appropriate priviledges on the Program E database and tables?


    • deadlydemon

      deadlydemon - 2005-02-25

      yep it has all privilages, i tryed as root, it just doesnt work, i think you may be right about communication between PHP and MySQL, i just installed some other php/mysql software and its complaning about the comunications between the two, i'll try 2 reinstall later

      sorry for the slow reply.


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