My bot wont answer

  • jowy222

    jowy222 - 2008-05-20

    i have finally installed Program E. But when i open talk.php there is no answer whatever i write. I have browsed through this forum and installed additional aiml files but still no answer from the bot. I am using "testbot"

  • chris rowlatt

    chris rowlatt - 2010-06-10


    Had the same issue and resolved it by applying the following:

    In the file respond.php on line 116.  Change the following:

    function reply($userinput,$uniqueid, $bot = 1){
    function reply($userinput,$uniqueid, $bot = 0){

    This works for me from the default download.  It seems the DB only has replies etc for bot 0 not bot 1 so in changing the above I started getting responses.

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere in the forum.


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