AAA sets

  • Calipsy

    Calipsy - 2005-03-30

    The program E can run the AAA sets? What do I need to modify on an aiml file to work under program E?

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-03-30

      To answer your question. Yes, Program E is able to load the triple A set.

      The long version. Program E is an AIML interpreter, so it will load any AIML set, as long as the content adheres to the AIML 1.0.x specification, Program E will allow you to chat with it.

      As for editing AIML. When loading a chatbot, Program E converts the AIML files into a database. Though it's possible to edit the database content, currently no tools are available to do so. In the not too distant future I'll release those tools. However, that said, anyone can always reload the chatterbot with newer files, or files that you have edited yourself.

      As ever,


    • Calipsy

      Calipsy - 2005-03-30

      thanks anne... I will install the program E.


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