Can we make it learn?

Sean James
  • Sean James

    Sean James - 2005-07-05

    I am interested in making my bot learn, and would be pleased to write the PHP needed to make it happy. Just point me in the right direction. Is there some special tags in AIML that Program E just does not implement, or does each project need to come up with it's own way of dealing with the learning problem.

    I'd like to get the bot to remember things for me, but I don't want to hard code it into the AIML sets.

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-07-07

      Program E is an AIML interpreter like most others. It loads the AIML files, the source of its knowledge and the location of the chatterbots personality, and does very little after that. If you want your chatterbot to become smarter, then Id suggest editing the AIML files to make it behave like you desire. At present there arent any tools to do this online, but I do hope to be able to release them soon.

      As for automated learning. The mailing list is the place for AIML related discussions. For many years it has been and Id venture to guess that it will remain so for many more to come. This is why Id like to refer you to the archive to this mailing list for more details on automated learning. It has been discussed in detail before, and more than once. The general consensus is that its not worth the trouble. All the new knowledgerules that are generated need to be checked by a human before activating, this is something that costs a lot of time since generating new knowledge (including the garbage) takes only seconds. It will take many hours to filter out the garbage. For more info:

      Currently AIML chatterbots do remember set variables for each and every user separately. If this is what you were looking for, then look no further. If you want to store more information, then perhaps a custom tag to store it into a log file or a database might be what youre looking for. Its not hard, just read the inline code for custom tags on how to do it.

      As ever,
      Anne Kootstra
      Founding Member, Main developer Program E

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    • Sean James

      Sean James - 2005-07-20

      Thanks for the info, I will add it my ever growing list of topics to explore.

    • alienzhvelanded

      alienzhvelanded - 2005-07-21

      Don't forget there's a <learn> tag in AIML, read the documentation.


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