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  • Adeena

    Adeena - 2008-03-16



    I have Program E up and running on my local (windows) machine.  Version 0.09 with Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.3 and mysql 5.0.51a

    I was able to get to the point where botloader.php runs successfully and I can run talk.php.

    I am using the startup.xml and two .aiml files that came with the download.

    However, no matter what I input into the form in talk.php, I get a response to <pattern>*</pattern>.  I even created my own very specific pattern in the "std-pickup.aiml" file, reloaded the bot, went into mysql to make sure my unique patterns were there (they were) and then went back to talk.php and tried my known-unique pattern.  It still matched the default.

    I'm out of ideas and new enough to Program E that I don't know where else to look...

    Help is appreciated!  :)


    • Adeena

      Adeena - 2008-03-16

      After going through more of the old help forum messages, I do have some additional info:

      1.  I do have a file in my src\admin directory
      2.  I put lots of "echo" statements all over the place to see what was going on where... I'm finding some weirdness in the function normalsentences with the line: $cfull=preg_replace($contractsearch,$contractreplace,$cfull);

         Before this line, I echo out contractsearch, contractreplace and cfull.  cfull is my original input.  contractsearch and contractreplace are empty.
         Right after this line, I echo out cfull, and cfull is now empty.  If I comment out this preg_replace line, I get the right aiml template repsonse.

      So I understand now why I'm always getting the default answer... I just don't understand what's going wrong at this line... and I'm sure I can't leave it commented out forever, because I'm sure at some point I really do need a replacement.  :)

      So I still need some help I think...?



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