Renate Gygax - 2009-05-05


I'm a ALICE/AIML beginner. I'd like to build a chatbot based on Program E or D. The decision hasn't yet fallen. Anyway, I was wondering how to create a user interface.

I would like to show the current conversation, so the user can see all the question and answers. Is this possible? If yes, can you explain it?

On the left of the input/output field I'd like to show an avatar. This avatar won't be animated, I'm just going to create a few images (emotions) and depending on the answer I'd like to to show one of these images. I think I can do that by using the img Tag (or Java Script?), but I don't know how to define the place, where the pictures will be shown.

I know there is this Flash-Toolkit to creat a flash interface. Can I realise all the things mentioned before? If yes, could you explain it? I just don't get along with this toolkit, I mean I couldn't even run it properly.

I've already searched the forum but didn't get any answer.

I'd be glad if one of you could help me. Step-by-step explanations are welcomed!