Jon - 2002-12-05


In version 0.8, we get a

I don't know that bot:

error after enter the second line.  That might sound a bit confusing but basically I run talk.php from my web browser, select the bot to talk to from the "Talk to:" field, then say "hello".  Everything works great.  The bot answers back.  So, I say something else, anything else, then it comes back with "I don't know that bot:".  Notice that it does say the botname as per the respond.php file.

It seems like it's passing the botname the first time, then any input after that doesn't pass the botname variable anymore so it doesn't know what bot it's suppose to be using.  Is this maybe a bug or do I just have something set wrong?

O, I also did change the name of the bot from TestBot to InfoBot in the startup.xml file & in the respond.php file.  Those where the only two files I saw the botname identified.  So, I don't think that is the cause of the problem but I guess it is possible.

Also, in the next release, could you please make sure all the php files have <?php & not just <?.
Apache doesn't seem to think <? is a php file & just dumps it to the screen as raw text in RH 8.0, PHP 4.2.x.

Thanks for any suggests or fixes on the unknown bot problem.