Repeated Fragments in Responses

  • Ultrus

    Ultrus - 2006-04-24

    Program E rocks! I seem to have one challenge however that makes my head hurt. When I talk to the bot in talk.php, or other scripts, bot responses often contain repeated and jumbled fragments. Here is an example when using the suggested Alice set:

    User: Tell me how to be a better botmaster
    Bot: Perhaps you could program me to do be a better botmaster a better botmaster for you.

    User: Matt is surfing the internet
    Bot:  And surfing the internet the internet is Matt.

    Is this a common occurrence? It seems to be acting this way on my PC testing server running DWeb server with the latest PHP, and my Linux Apache server running php 4.3ish. I much appreciate the input! :)

    • Darren

      Darren - 2006-04-28

      Hi Ultris,

      This is just a guess but I am thinking that the lack of puncuation might be causing that problem.


    • Popeye

      Popeye - 2006-04-30

      This link may have the fix you need, it worked for me!


    • Ultrus

      Ultrus - 2006-05-30

      Whoa! Adding the "&" in graphnew.php did wonders! Thank you much Popeye :)


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