Learning without reloading?

  • Brian Chabot

    Brian Chabot - 2006-08-18

    Is there any way to get program e to learn (or re-learn) a file without running the botloader script?  The best I could come up with is something like: (where I type "SUPERSECRETCOMMAND filename.aiml")

            <pattern>SUPERSECRETCOMMAND *</pattern>

    Will that even work?  Is there a better way?

    • Rodger Combs

      Rodger Combs - 2008-08-04

      I can't see why it wouldn't! You could probably even build a GUI off of that! Also: the <learn> tag will either learn actual AIML code, or, if you put a URL in it, it learns the AIML out of whatever file you point it to.


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