Possible bug 1

  • Magnus

    Magnus - 2005-04-28

    I've been making a chatbot aimed for playing some games. I have done some AIML files and added the Annotated public AIML files along with it.

    In one conversation the player has the opportunity to recomend the site to a friend. The AIML to pic up the players response are;
    <topic name="Roshambo">

      <template><think><set name="recomendmail"><star/></set></think>
    Your friends email address is: <star/>.  Is this correct (Yes or No)?


    The answer from the bot is:
    "Thanks for that web address"
    - found in Default.aiml

    so... my guess are that <topic> doesnt work as i thought it would.

    • tanoshimi

      tanoshimi - 2005-04-30

      This pattern will only be matched when the topic name is "ROSHAMBO", so I'm assuming that prior to calling this response, you had previously used <set name="topic">ROSHAMBO</set>...

      Assuming you've done that, then you're correct in saying that patterns with <that> set should be matched before other matching patterns.

      What is the pattern matched that produces the response 'Thanks for that web address'? Is it because the input contains .com?

      • Magnus

        Magnus - 2005-06-01

        The topic are set and all seem fine.
        And, yes, its because the input contains .com

        I just had to disable the AIML in Default.aiml to workaround this problem. :-(


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