Any way to add a pause before a response?

  • Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts - 2009-06-21


    Could anyone tell me if there's any way to add a pause before a response, to give the illusion that the bot is considering its answer, for example?

    I've looked around but I can't find a solution for this. Any ideas?

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2009-06-22

      There are roughly two ways of doing this.
      1. Server Side
      This will mean having to set a timer of some sort in PHP's talk.php that will lengthen the response time. This is, however, not the recommended practive.

      2. Client Side.
      By using Ajax you can pause showing the response received from the chatbot. This is the recommended approach. This is currently not supported by the program E gui templates, but adjusting them is not hard. However, not part of the current development scope of Program E. 

      Hope this helps.




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