Undefined function: session_start()

  • Cuddles

    Cuddles - 2005-01-04

    Hi all. Just installed the latest version of Program E (I've used earlier versions before), but I can't get it to run. Botloader works fine, the database is set up fine, but when I go to talk to the bot, I get this error after typing my first input...

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_start() in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/programe/src/talk.php on line 32

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-01-07

      The error you get basically says that the PHP-function session_start() isn't part of the PHP package. This is why I'd like to ask you to check your version of PHP. The PHP.net site says that PHP supports this function from version 4, so if your version of PHP is lower than that, you may want to upgrade.

      As ever,


    • Cuddles

      Cuddles - 2005-01-08

      Actually, my version is 5.0.1

      So could it be something else?

      • Anne Kootstra

        Anne Kootstra - 2005-01-09

        Well, the root of the problem is that your copy of PHP hasn't been outfitted with the session_start() function. This probably means that the session routines haven't been enabled/compiled.

        If you could save the following PHP code into a PHP file. Call this PHP file and see if you find the section "session"




        Also check in your php.ini and see if there's any mentioning of the session mechanism.



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