he wont learn

  • eurobuskers

    eurobuskers - 2005-02-10

    even after repeating the same thing 10 times saying remember this, remember that, he says dont worry ill remember that or i wont forget.
    surprise! surprise! he's forgotten!!!
    have i done something dumb or have i found a bug?
    my bot is at http://eurobuskers.free.fr/programe/src/talk.php
    Otherwise hes cool ;)

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-02-15

      Program E is an AIML interpreter, this means that all input and replies are stored in AIML. For more information on AIML I'd like to refer you to http://www.AIML.info, or http://www.alicebot.org.

      As for your learning issue; program E is unable to autolearn duing a chat. What you encounter is most likley some cleaver AIML scripting that replies that it has learned something when ask it to. Currently no feedback loop exists between a chatting visitor and the AIML knowledgebase.

      As ever,


      • Rodger Combs

        Rodger Combs - 2008-08-04

        I'm not sure if Program E knows this, but AIML has a <learn> </learn> tag that should input anything placed in the <learn> block into the database. It will also learn an AIML file if you input a URL (much easier than reloading the bot every time!

    • pilot18210

      pilot18210 - 2005-05-28


      There are numerous versions of the original AliceBot, first created by Dr. Rich Wallace. 

      From what I read on the AliceBot.org website, there are other versions that are written specifically for learning.

      Also, you can edit the database files and put in your own information.  I did that two days ago, and was thrilled to see the bot using my statements.

      Here my post on another board that gives some information on how to edit your knowledge base.


      Some of the current programming, though, may "supercede" your programming.  Meaning, there seems to be a ranking in some of the statements it encounters.

      For example, my project is to interpret feelings, kind of like a counselor.  it has a code built in when you use the word "feel", and only one response is provided.  So, today I will hunt for that one line of code and edit it out.  Then, I believe the system will respond to and use my other lines of code that I put in a few days ago.

      One bad thing, though, is that if you dont know how to edit the actual MySQL tables, it seems you have to reinstall the whole bot program.  (In my case, it is connected to a FlashChat program, so I have to reinstall the whole FlashChat program so that it inputs my new "knowledge base").

      Lets keep in touch.  I'm eager to see your progress!  Perhaps we can help each other.

    • pilot18210

      pilot18210 - 2005-05-28


      Does anybody know of another Program version that (1) learns, and (2) is easy to instlal?  I can do some basic script type work, but not advanced stuff.


    • Popeye

      Popeye - 2005-07-14

      Interesting, my bot I call it "Storm" will remember your name if you tell it with "my name is" SoAndSo.

      I always thought it was program E that did it, But perhaps I copied a cleaver AIML file?? I have a look.


    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-07-14

      AIML is a scriptinglanguage that allows for remembering bits of information. Often its used for remembering names, age, sex but also more programmatic elements like the level of chatterbot harrasment. These elements are often used to lock or unlock areas of the chatterbots knowledge.

      As ever,

      Anne Kootstra


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