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  • bearxrelate

    bearxrelate - 2005-06-19

    I have been using a free open source PHP GUI frontend for a MySql database that I have, and I thought I would try it with Program E. Guess what, it works. You can edit the bots replys with this front end and also view the conversation log. It is not real pretty but it is easy to customize. Maybe someone that is good with PHP could make this work better. You can download the program here  I have been playing with  Program E since 2002 and I think it has great possibilities.

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-06-19

      Thanks for the link. I installed it and found it a simplified version of phpMyAdmin. Though in it's own right it makes a fine PHP based MySQL table editor, I didn't see any special features that would help me insert new AIML categories and or edit patterns.

      If this is an oversight of mine, I would like to be corrected.

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      Anne Kootstra
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