Hi... I am using your php bot on my webpage..

  • Ralf HQSoft

    Ralf HQSoft - 2002-04-11

    I do have a problem though...
    I used the AIML files 2.0 from here...

    My webpage uses MySQL and PHPNuke.

    I rewrote part of the PHP to put it all in one directory to make it easier and edited the Java source as well a little bit...

    Now I think I found two bugs, not really sure though because I do not have the overview over your code...

    1. in the javascript server file... function jsrsarraytostring it said:

    if (!isset($delim) $d = $delim)

    why set it if its empty? didnt you mean

    if (isset...)

    2. In the javascript php file (sorry for the names I renamed them all because the jsrs got on my nerves.) I found a reference to jsrsarraytostring (array), which means just one parameter passed to the function. The function however needs TWO because a delimiter is needed. Else it drops a warning in the debug box....

    Ok.. my problem now is the following... the bot keeps talking to me as "undefined". Why is that happening? I know its the "undefined" from the dbprefs file but how can I make the bot remember my name (its in my users database), my habits and all that stuff?

    I checked my database but I had problems following the line of reasoning... what is the field "name" in dstore? Almost all messages are named "input", others "it" or "search".

    I try to understand the PHP code but its a little bit hard to get it all, especially because I am unfamiliar with the AIML syntax...


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