Peter Garner - 2004-12-02

I installed Program E last night and it's now up and running. The only real problem I found was the loading of the AIML files. Initially I used my default PHP settings of execution time (30 seconds), parsing time (60 seconds) and memory usage (8Mb)  but these made botloader.php time out quickly. Increasing these on a temporary basis to 3000 seconds, 6000 seconds and 64Mb respectively helped, but I still had to run botloaderinc.php, and still had some timeouts. I now have about 90% installed and the 'bot is chatting well. I'll mangle the AIMLs when I get some time..

I'm using the software on my roaming wireless access point and I plan to have another "user" for visitors to chat with.  It's based on a Via mini-ITX board and FreeBSD. The great  thing about the software is that it works really well on a PDA as well as a full-size machine, and the response time is practically instantaneous.  I'm looking forward to ongoing updates.