botmaster - 2005-07-06

Alfredo is a highly-customizable talking bot which you can put on any PHP/MySQL website. He accepts input from the keyboard and responds in a human voice (optionally your own) with perfect lip synchronization. His input patterns and output templates are easily programmed in AIML. Alfredo can be Jessica the saleslady, Ronald the teacher, Marian the site guide, Erwin the troubadour or any other implementation you can think of.

- Fully customizable: look, mind and voice.
- Unique combination of recorded human voice and Artificial Intelligence.
- Runs in your own server space, so no monthly fees and no limit to your number of audio streams.
- Can be integrated into any PHP/MYSQL website.
- Works with any web browser. Extensively tested in IE and Firefox.
- One-time-price: $15.

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