Here is my design to build a cyborg.

You just have a search engine, and as the user types in queries to the cyborg, the program searches for the best possible responses.  Then a support agent chooses a question.  Once the question is chosen the program plays like 20 questions, and the technical support agent can browse through those questions or move backwards and forwards in the nest of 20 questions to pick other answers with the search engine.

The technical support agents at AOL use software like this, and the people on the phone do it to to make sure they keep clients and get buisness.  But they are paying people in india 10 cents an hour to use the software to do this, when they can barely speak english.

My idea it to create an open source version of this software, and get Americans using it to talk to each other to answer questions about Linux, or get life coaching and counseling.  It isn't simple to write the code because Program E, and Alice are written in spaghetti even though they are Open Source & also written in PHP.

What we really need is someone who can understand all of the open source spaghetti out there.  And we could build this program to work along side of "Alice", so that all of the multiple choice options the Cyborg created would seem human-realistic.  That's what I'm going to start working on.