A chat system which uses Program E

  • tufat_com

    tufat_com - 2005-04-05


    There is a commercial (but inexpensive) chat system known as FlashChat, which you can read more about at http://www.tufat.com/chat.php

    This chat is fully integrated with Program E. You can add bots and talk to them using the /addbot and /startbot commands.

    Thanks for your time, and great job with Program E!

    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-04-05

      Thanks for sharing and of course coding this. Please keep us informed of changes, updates and of course improvements.

      Anne Kootstra
      Founding Member AIML.info, Main developer Program E
      http://www.aiml.info       http://sourceforge.net/projects/programe

      e-mail & msn messenger:   

    • Popeye

      Popeye - 2005-07-14

      Hi All

      I thought this was a dead project, I tried to email Paul a few times, glad to see I was wrong.
      I have hade Project E running with phpMyChat for almost 2 years now.
      I will now install some of the fixes I have found here.

      Any tips on creating the AIML files would be most welcome :)

      I hope this new enthusiasm makes an already fun project "Rock"


    • Anne Kootstra

      Anne Kootstra - 2005-07-14

      Currently creating AIML is best done clientside, as opposed to Program Es serverside application. Texteditors are a fine way of doing so. Currently not a real Intergrated Development Environment exists.

      Currently the only application Im aware of is Program N, otherwise known as AIMLpad. This application is a clientside piece of software that contains its own AIML 1.0.x compliant engine and thus AIML developed using this application will also respond the same way when loaded into Program E.

      Do you have any links to the applications code? Id love to take a closer look at it.

      As ever,


      • Popeye

        Popeye - 2005-07-14

        Hi Anne

        If you mean a link to where it is running, you can find it here.

        storm, will start it.
        bye storm, will stop it
        It also gives one line answers to anything with "ai" (str(ai)n) or "bot" ((bot)h) and the odd random answer.
        A bit of over kill in hindsight.

        The bot is nothing special, I can't even remember what version I installed now. It was the only one on this site at the time.
        I then just grabbed, fixed (questionable) and loaded all the AIML files I could find at the time.

        I tried to add some of my own content, didn't work to well I'm afraid, to many shadows.
        Then I got side tracked.

        Recently I have had a few requests to release a "How To" file so others can add it to their phpMychat site. That is in the works, a few more days should have it.
        Its not hard to do, just hard to explain.

        What I really want to achive is a bot that can answer basic "fix it" type problems for new chat owners.
        I have to come to grips with AIML first though.



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