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Release 0.12 - Description

Finally, the notes support ! Currently, I decided to limit them to 4000 chars, to be rom apps compatible. Other useful things are database renaming and duplicating. Also, a "Delete all done tasks" to purge your progects.

Note that there's a new internal format. Your databases should automatically convert without troubles if you used 0.11. If not, you'll have garbage on the screen. Close the project, install 0.11, open the project, close it, install 0.12, open, it should convert.... read more

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-30

Release 0.11 - Description

A bunch of features comming from the broken 0.9 and 0.10 release, and some news, like exporting a task to the ToDo builtin app. No category support for now.

Next release will be about adding note support.

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-21

Crashs with 0.9 or 0.10, READ THIS

You'll find a recovery version of Progect in download area. Use it only if you have troubles with V0.9 and V0.10, like projects you can't open anymore, or Progect crashing on start.
Install this one, close the actual project if it's open, then open each project.
You can then reinstall V0.8, which is stable. Don't try V0.9 and V0.10 anymore !
Don't continue using the recovery version after you've opened your projects.

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-18


For all those who are using V0.9 or V0.10, please revert to V0.8, which is the last stable release. With the introduction of preferences saving, I introduced a malicious bug that can cause data loss, and even a hard reset !

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-18


For those who run V0.9, please update immediately to V0.10, or stop using V0.9. You risk a data loss !!! The bug SHOULD be fixed in 0.10.
Remember, no warranty........... ;-)

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-17

Release 0.9 - Description

rel 0.9
08/17/2000 : NEW FEATURES
- select a task, write on graffity :
"space" : move the task to the right
"backspace" : move the task to the left
"return" : create a subtask (V0.8)
anything : create a task (V0.8)
- on the task properties form, a return closes the form. So
you can create a task by starting writing, and if the
priority and due date is good, just end with return to
go back to project view.
- in preferences, always warn when deleting a single task
- save the application preferences (warn when deleting)
- save the project preferences (display due dates, priority,
hide done tasks, print year)
- Progect now has an icon ;-)
CHANGES since V0.8
- on the task properties form, just 1 line for the description.
This field is not intended for long text, just for a brief
description. There will be a note possibility soon.
- fixed crash when trying to move down a task that has children

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-17

Documentation updated !!!

Check the V0.8 documentation on the Progect Web Site, under the "documentation" link.

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-15

Release 0.8 - Description

Hi !
Mainly some Bugfixes...
Runs now well under PalmOS3.5 !!!
No more (I hope) blank screen problems.
On palm OS 3.1, fixed wrong chars for ellipsis (long strings truncation) and checked box (which appeared as a slim empty box).
Popup priority list aligned on the priority (click on the priority of a task to open it up)

restore application state when comming back from another application !
In project preferences, checkbox to backup your project at hotsync.... read more

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-14

Release 0.7 - Description

08/13/2000 : NEW FEATURES
- when in a subtree view, a "Up" button appears, to go up one
level in the tree hierarchy
- starting to write in the project view creates a new brother
task for the selected one
- a return, space or tab in the project view creates a new
child for the selected task.
- Subtree view fixed : no other parent's task seen
- screen update when deleting a task
- New SubTask fixed, now works well, new subtasks are created
as last child of the parent task.
- very faster way to update parent's percentage when deleting
a task
- when a task is done (or 100%) and the due date is passed,
no more '!' writing

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-13

Release 0.6 - Description

rel 0.6
08/09/2000 : NEW FEATURES
- added a project preferences form
- hide done tasks (on/off)
- display due dates (on/off)
- display priorities (on/off)
- in project form, a menu option to close the active
database and go back to the project selector
- added a subtree viewer. You can click on a task to see
only its children. When you have finished working in
this view, a menu item (View All) switches back to
the normal view. In the subtree view, all normal
commands apply.
- UI changed :
- select a task, and then click a command button
- priority can be changed from the main view if
it is displayed
- a newly created task has the focus, you can
immediately move it with the arrows buttons
- a new task is created with /C (or menu new task)
- a task is deleted with /D (or menu delete task)
- database name in titlebar in main form
- version number in help of project selector
- Field "project name" of form "choose name" (when creating a
new database) gets the focus.
- in subtree view, closing a task can cause tasks form
other parent to display

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-11

Documentation On-Line

Progect has now some documentation. Go to the Progect homepage, link to Documentation.

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-09

Release 0.5 - Description

- confirm deletion in project selector
- confirm deletion in project edition (for delete all)
- confirm deletion in project edition (for deleting a branch)
- Date format is now the same as in palm preferences
- Priority now drawn on the project form
- Priority can now be "No priority"
(that's the default for a new task, but will be a preference)
- Multiple project support :
- create a new project
- open an existing project
- delete an existing project

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-09

Release 0.4 - Description

08/08/2000 : BUGFIXES
- use PalmOSGlue to be compatible with OS 3.0 (this should work, let me know!)

Should now work on PalmOS3.0

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-08

Release 0.3 - Description

Mainly a bug fixes release.
I still don't know why it doesn't run on OS 3.01 or OS 3.5. Someone ?

08/07/2000 : BUGFIXES
- click outside a percentage list does not convert task to action anymore
- deleting all tasks is now possible
- Graffitistateindicator no visible on properties form

- Delete All menu item to delete all tasks in current DB
- when adding a new task, no date by default... read more

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-08

Release 0.2 - Bugs

A bunch of bugs have been found on this release. Mainly, do not try to delete the last task, or you'll have to soft reset your device. Instead, edit it to be the first of your project.
Some users have found progect not very intuitive (they're probably right !), so here is the actual way of doing things :
To create a task, select the new command, then click on a task (the new task will be a brother of the one you clicked). The other commands work the same way. Select a command, then click on the task to act upon.
Multiple projects manager will certainly come this week, or beginning of next one. Thanks for your feedback !

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-07

First Public Release

Here is the first public release. It's intended to provide an idea of the product. Please read release notes. I would like to have some feedback, to know how much people are interested in this product. Enjoy !

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2000-08-06

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