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proFTPd Administrator / News: Recent posts

version 1.2 released

Version 1.2 with some minor changes and bug fixes has been released.

Posted by Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde 2006-11-18

version 1.0 released

Introducing version 1.0 of the proFTPd Administrator administration package for the proftpd server. The new version sports a new feature that enables you to move proftpd-logs from the database and into simple files - this'll unclog database on demand, but the entries will off course no longer be available for on the statistics pages. The documentation has been updated to reflect changes found in this tool since version 0.6 for easier and a less confusing installation procedure.... read more

Posted by Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde 2006-03-06

version 0.8 released

Version 0.8, after a long period where nothing seemingly happened, has been released.

This release builds upon the functionality implemented previously, but takes them one step further by tying it all together a little bit better. Most of the work done will be mostly transparent to the users and for the most part consists of removing the database-specific code and rewriting the whole thing so that it may one day support database alternatives to MySQL.... read more

Posted by Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde 2005-02-16

version 0.7 released

After a long break due to excessive work on things I actually get somewhat paid to do I got around to playing around with some of the new features in PHP5, and as a result of that you'll need to upgrade to PHP5 if you want most of the added features. If you're still using PHP4 and don't want to upgrade yet, this version should work but this haven't been tested (the most significant alteration is that you'll have to edit your settings in "include_old_config.php" instead of the previously used file).... read more

Posted by Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde 2004-12-20

version 0.6.1 released

Version 0.6.1 has been released - this version is simply a bugfix provided by Jostein Martinsen that should help if you find parts of the tool not working or error popping up everywhere. The reason was some old code that haven't been updated since the start of the project.

Posted by Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde 2004-10-21

version 0.6 released

proFTPd Admin v0.6 has finally been released. Highlights for this release include the ability to remove all proFTPd parts of the program - only leaving you with the status part of the page. Also added a few codelines so that the user may specify (in "include_config.php") a script to be run every time a new user is created - this can be used as a means of having the script create homedirectories for the accounts as well as setting the correct user and group ownerships.

Posted by Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde 2004-09-04