#8 profile java.*, javax.*

Kai Witte

I would like to be able to profile java.* and javax.*. Possibly turned off by default like some 3rd party APIs.

Scenarios where it would be useful:
1. Working for Sun/IBM or a Java EE application server provider
2. I find a method that takes a lot of CPU time, but it has a large body and the graph ends there. That would be because there is a call to an expensive java.* method, for example ImageIO.write. That way, I found a bottleneck in JProfiler within seconds, while Profiler4j would barely narrow it down a little.

It might be a good idea to not go deeper into java.*/javax.*. For example I don't care what methods ImageIO.write calls itself; it's irrelevant and out of my control (in scenario 2).


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