Not seeing much in call tree

Tom Eicher
  • Tom Eicher

    Tom Eicher - 2007-09-26

    Hello, I liked this profiler on first sight - it is exactly what I was looking for.

    Unfortunately, when I perform some measurement in my real application, I see the
    call tree go for some 5 levels, then stop in my servlet filter.
    (i.e. I cannot see what is called beyond that. the tree just stops)

    In the call graph(!) I see many many levels more.

    The tree stops at a method

    Hits  : 3
    Total : 91073.3ms
    Local : 0.0ms

    so this can't be the 1% CPU threshold...

    The next (missing) step is another filter in my im.webapp package in one case,
    a org.springframework class in another, so it's not the java/javax limitation either.

    Other paths (but not the one I need to measure) go deeper than 5 levels.

    Both classes (the last one being shown, and the next missing one) are reported during connecting
    [PROFILER4J:0] Redefining
    [PROFILER4J:1] Transforming class
    [PROFILER4J:0] Redefining
    [PROFILER4J:1] Transforming class

    There is no message in the client console (but it outputs many blank lines while running)

    Do you have any idea what could be wrong ?


    • Tom Eicher

      Tom Eicher - 2007-10-17

      ideas, anyone ?


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