#3 Incorrect instrumentation status


In certain cases when the configuration is applied the
Console indicates that a certain class is instrumented
bu t in fact it is not. This can be seen in the STDOUT
of the profiled application, when the number of
instrumented classes does not match the number shown in
the list in the Console.

This may be a bug with anonymous innerclasses or
classes with unusual characters. I don't know.
Moreover, it's not so easy to reproduce. Try to ACCEPT
and REJECT all classes a number of times and then
ACCEPT and REJECT a single class. In some cases the
stdout will read

Number of currently modified classes: 1

even when the console shows no instrumented class.


  • Antonio S. R. Gomes

    • summary: Agent does not collect stats --> Incorrect instrumentation status
  • Antonio S. R. Gomes

    Logged In: YES

    I realized that this is not a bug anyway. The bytecode
    transformer only marks a class as intrumented if at least
    one method is instrumented. Sometimes no method is
    instrumented at all and then class is skipped.

  • Antonio S. R. Gomes

    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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