Pro*C (precompiler) library for Oracle / News: Recent posts

Testing release v0.6 released for Windows with installer

This is a major release in terms of features. Please see the release notes of this release for more details.

Posted by Shubhra Prakash Nandi 2009-03-22

First proclib package for GNU/Linux released

The first proclib GNU/Linux package is released for download. This package has the same functionality as the current windows version.

Posted by Shubhra Prakash Nandi 2009-03-11

New features in pipeline for future releases

Here is a list of forthcoming enhancements and new features which will be added to the proclib library.
1. Facility to do bulk database operations.
2. To be able to fetch and store data in 'C' compatible datatype. Currently all data was fetched in string format from the database, but going forward data will be fetched in most closely compatible 'C' datatype and passed on to client application.
3. Able to support more complex database objects and operations.
4. To make the library routines more streamlined and powerful.

Posted by Shubhra Prakash Nandi 2009-03-06

Package release in stable branch

Hopefully the next package release will be in stable branch and not in the development branch as most of the code has been stablized. Also the development code branch in CVS will be merged into main branch before launch of the package. I am also working on a Windows installer for the package which will streamline the installation process.

Posted by Shubhra Prakash Nandi 2009-03-06

Package release v0.4 for development branch

The package v0.4 has been released in the development branch. Includes a few important enhancements.

Posted by Shubhra Prakash Nandi 2009-03-04

Package release v0.2

The package release v0.2 does not contain any program modifications, only Microsoft redist runtime files have been added to the package.

Posted by Shubhra Prakash Nandi 2009-02-17

First package release

The first package of proclib has been released. The package contains a Windows command line based application program which uses proclib to query Oracle database.

Posted by Shubhra Prakash Nandi 2009-02-16