error with python

  • maximus57

    maximus57 - 2011-09-04

    I am getting the following error when trying to install on xubuntu 11.04

    /usr/bin/procexp: line 8: /opt/process_explorer-0.3-132/bin/python: No such file or directory

    The file is there, so what is going wrong?

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2011-09-04

    some paths are wrong.

    I corrected them in


    and it worked.

    btw: linux process explorer seems to be dead, except you want to hack it ;)

  • maximus57

    maximus57 - 2011-10-22

    It has been awhile but I have finally got back to trying this again. I have to ask, how do I edit those files? They appear to be python binary files and I can't just edit them with a text editor. I am not a complete noob, but I am no expert either.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2011-10-22

    .pyc files are compiled python files, so you need a python compiler. You may use a python IDE like eric, pida, idle, …


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