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#3 binary distributions for Linux, MacOS, Windows

Steve Rozen

Provide binary distributions of primer3_core for Linux, MacOS, Windows. May involve some tweaking of C code to allow simple compilation on each of these systems.


  • Kumade Khawi

    Kumade Khawi - 2006-11-25

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    As per my private e-mail to you, Dr. Rozen, the Win32 version compiles with just the removal of the WHITEHEAD_SPECIFIC_HACK directive in the Makefile. The test suite also works with the removal of two "die" statements in the perl code.

    The test results, however, are entirely a different story. Most of them fail, but I have no clue in which ways to they fail as most of this science is still foreign to me (I am reading up on PCR, the process, and criteria for primer selection, etc. I should catch up soon.)

  • brant

    brant - 2007-02-08

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    Primer 3 1.1.0b compiles just fine as is on OS X 10.4.8 for PPC. That being said, i don't have an intel machine handy to test with, but i assume all would be ok for a native compilation.

    For those who don't want to compile, i have uploaded universal binaries to the downloads section. These should be good to go for users running OS X 10.4+.

    Preparing these binaries requires 3 small changes to the MAKEFILE (which will soon be included in the tarball) and use of the (newest) Xcode tools w/ the 10.4 SDK installed.


  • Untergasser

    Untergasser - 2016-03-06

    Primer3 compiles on Linux, Windows and Mac OS using the regular Makefile. We aim to include binary distributions in future releases.

    I close this ticket.

  • Untergasser

    Untergasser - 2016-03-06
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