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0.6.0 release: lots of bugfixes; new sculpty library

The new release fixes A LOT of bugs, particularly for all you Windows users.

In addition to this, I've added a great deal of documentation:

As well as a new sculpty library with the help of camilla Yosuke and a few others.

All of this added functionality should make working with Prim.Blender even easier!

Posted by Tom 2008-07-21

New 0.5.0 release, includes sculpty support and much more!

I've made a new release of Prim.Blender (the first official release in nearly two years), which includes support for sculpted prims using ported versions of Domino Marama's scripts.

In addition, I've created an entirely new sculpted prim GUI (see screenshots), as well as fixed several potential and outstanding bugs, including the ability to Undo shapes properly (which the Blender team fixed in 2.46), recover from crashed sessions, and bake, load, and save .prims for sculpted shapes.... read more

Posted by Tom 2008-06-30


Congratulations to the scripters who worked hard for sculptie importers for Second Life. (And for making my life easier... heh... heh...)

Actually, I've had several requests for sculpties to be added to my tool. Which is potentially doable, but quite a difference from my original scope.

For those of you still reading this who are interested in sculptie creation in Prim.Blender, please fire an email my way letting me know! You can do that at mercen4ry [at] gmail [dot] com.... read more

Posted by Tom 2007-07-02

For those having trouble getting this to run in Blender 2.4x

I've done some testing and found that Prim.Blender works just fine in both Python 2.5 and Blender 2.44 on Windows XP.

Since my native system is Linux, I've never really had these kinds of problems, but naturally my testing had been somewhat precluded. :)

To get it working completely, please make sure to have the latest version of Blender and Python 2.5 (from installed.

If you have any further specific bugs, please pass them on to me directly at mercen4ry [at] gmail [dot] com.

Posted by Tom 2007-07-02


Welcome Slashdot readers! Apparently, someone up there thought this project was nifty:

I haven't been able to tidy up much since I recently found myself a long term job. Things are coming together slowly, though. John Hurliman has taken on making a more fully-functional importer: read more

Posted by Tom 2006-10-03

Importer is currently not working

Thraxis' importer is currently having issues with importing prims. I've checked a few builds, and evidently the new versions of both SL and the format are not doing it too kindly.

However, an importer is being worked on, courtesy of Eddy Stryker and his brilliant staff.

In the meantime, I am posting this warning to everyone that the feature is currently NOT THERE. If you need builds in a timely fashion, please use the in-world tools or, better yet, help us solve this problem by submitting your own importer!... read more

Posted by Tom 2006-07-21

It is done.

At long last, the builder is complete and released to beta. Enjoy!

Posted by Tom 2006-05-31

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