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PresbyterySite 0.1.1 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of PresbyterySite 0.1.1! This version contains a number of great new features and several bugfixes. You'll like the Google maps bubbles and integration with Community Builder profiles!

New Features:

  • The Google map now has a bubble containing driving directions and a link to each congregation's details!
  • Detailed user profiles & contact info are now enabled through the Community Builder Joomla extension. User listings in committees & congregations now are linked to the user's Community Builder profile!
  • There is now a button in the backend to email every user their username and a new password.
  • You can now limit the frontend committees view to display only 1 committee.
  • You can now view contact details on the committee listing page.
  • PresbyterySite now stores the date a congregation's info was last updated.
  • Committee members' class year is now at the beginning of the line in the default committees display on the frontend.
  • Several drop-down boxes are now sorted alphabetically.... read more
Posted by Tim Black 2008-05-06

PresbyterySite 0.1.0 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of PresbyterySite 0.1.0! PresbyterySite's code has demonstrated itself to be mature enough to be used by a continuing user base. This release deserves a new minor version number because it includes the following important new features:

  1. User data is now stored in Joomla user tables and in Community Builder, which is now required (we may make it optional in the future). This will enable further integration between PresbyterySite and Community Builder user profiles in the future. When you install PresbyterySite 0.1.0, the installer will migrate your user data from PresbyterySite's user tables into the Joomla / Community Builder tables (please backup your database first!!), and these new user accounts will be associated properly with the congregations and committees in PresbyterySite. No more duplicate user information! Now it will all be stored in one place. This is the good news.... read more
Posted by Tim Black 2007-09-05

PresbyterySite 0.0.9 released!

This is a bugfix release; see the changelog for details.

Posted by Tim Black 2007-08-29

PresbyterySite 0.0.8 released!

This release is a bugfix release that fixes a few bugs in version 0.0.7.

Posted by Tim Black 2007-06-02

PresbyterySite 0.0.7 released!

This release fixes several bugs and now features the capability for PresbyterySite to be translated into any language! An Italian translation is now included. See the changelog for more details.

Posted by Tim Black 2007-05-30

PresbyterySite 0.0.6 released

PresbyterySite 0.0.6 contains the following new features:

  • Elder type (RE/TE) & status (active/inactive) are now displayed
  • Congregations can now have an image
Posted by Tim Black 2006-12-21

PresbyterySite 0.0.5 released

We are pleased to announce the release of PresbyterySite-0.0.5! The key improvement in version 0.0.5 is that PresbyterySite can now be translated into other languages, and the administrator can set the display language for the frontend. If you would like to help us translate PresbyterySite, please contact us or simply make a copy of the "messages.po" file, translate it with poEdit, and send us a copy!... read more

Posted by Tim Black 2006-12-14

PresbyterySite 0.0.4 released

This release contains new functionality that has been much desired. Now you can edit almost every bit of presbytery data in the database.

Now there are add/update/delete forms for the following tables:

jos_ps_committees_users (join table)
jos_ps_users_presbyteryroles (join table)
jos_ps_users_congregations_offices_roles (join table)

Posted by Tim Black 2006-12-08

PresbyterySite-0.0.3 released

This is a minor bugfix for PresbyterySite-0.0.2, which would not install; version 0.0.3 installs. : )

Posted by Tim Black 2006-11-28

PresbyterySite-0.0.2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of PresbyterySite-0.0.2! PresbyterySite intends to become the best Presbytery website software in the world. Our goal is to present your presbytery's information in the groupings most useful to your site visitors, and to streamline the work of your clerk.

PresbyterySite is composed of plugins for the full-featured, easy to use content management system called Joomla. Install Joomla and you have one of the best websites in the world already! We've custom-built several plugins that provide the unique functionality presbytery websites want most:... read more

Posted by Tim Black 2006-11-28